Beverages Tumbler Capella

13.8 oz / 408 cc

12.4 cm, 4.8 in

7 cm, 2.7 in

24 unidades x Caja / 24 box

4 Can / 6 Uni x Can / 4 Sleeves / 6 Pack

Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions 12.4 cm
Packing unit




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Notes about glass

We would like to remind you that glass is 100% recyclable, furthermore is a friendly enviroment product.

All in glass is better. Fashionless, Desireable and makes a huge difference

In all great stories there is glass. At special occasions, Its a taste easy to appreciate, In glass everything looks better and makes a perfect match.


Glass and vitroceramic utensils in contact with food, ceramic utensils used in cooking and in contact with food, and ceramic tableware for institutional use, comply with the requirements established by the Colombian National Government to prevent intoxications due to Lead and Cadmium release.